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LARP - Sci-fi / Horror

You look at your colleagues. You used to consider them friends. Almost family. But there is no doubt... it was one of them. Look into their eyes. Which one of them did it? They stare back at you. The ice is unforgiving. You have to choose who to trust. And hope... you've made the right choice.

Find the courage to face the horror. You can't trust any of your companions. You can't tell the difference between who is still human, and who... is no longer. You desperately search for a detail, a word, a decision that reveals them for what they are. But be careful. Each of them looks at you the same way, and looks to you for the same signs.
You'll wonder over and over again what's really going on. You'll find that truth is just as much a weapon as lies. Most importantly, you'll have to choose who to trust. Hope that you've made the right choice, while you wait to find out if the mission that can give you salvation has succeeded... or has been sabotaged.

Dove: Base Scout Spettine "Carlo Rasperini", Piacenza (PC)

Autori: Mauro Scanagatta, Federico Grossi, Mattia Mirandola e Gianluca Tarasconi.

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